Preferred Partner Referral Program
If you’re here, you’ve been invited to join Arrow’s Preferred Partner Referral Program!

At AIM, we have developed a Marketing Automation platform that takes Internet Marketing to another level for your business associates! We are able to attract new prospects, engage them with their brand, and help convert them into customers.

With this program, you will be offered a comprehensive 30-minute demo of our new platform and from there, you simply register any new referrals right here! It’s as easy as understanding the power of what we’ve built and referring us to your associates who need to take their Internet/Digital Marketing to another level!


And most importantly, Arrow empowers you with a very attractive 10% of all recurring revenue contracts*. It’s a wonderful way to generate some extra income, and also help both Arrow and your business associates create a mutually beneficial business relationship.

We are passionate about “conversions” and helping our clients grow their businesses. And, we’re now in our 22nd year!

Contact us 888.418.4364 or today and one of our managing principals will be in touch to set up your demo!

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*Paid after three months of each recurring revenue contract signed and collected by AIM. All other referrals for web site work and other marketing contracts will be paid immediately once the contract is signed and payment has been made. All referral partners will be given a 1099 prior to the new year tax season.