How Essential Is B2B Digital Transformation In 2019?
Buyers are relying on B2B Digital Media to make informed partnering and purchasing decisions.

More than three-quarters of all B2B purchases today, including small business and enterprise customers, have limited interaction with salespeople. Does that mean you don’t need salespeople? Absolutely NOT!

Buyers are relying on B2B Digital Media such as targeted, informative landing pages & web sites, educational videos, corporate buyer reviews, well-written blogs, and social media updates to make informed decisions on whom to partner with and buy from. And they want those digital assets to be up-to-date and current, and relative to their business needs.

Also, more than half of all customers today expect a B2B website to be a helpful experience in their research, and more than a third expect the web site to be their most helpful channel. More than 80% of all B2B purchase decisions are already made BEFORE contacting a sales representative.


80% of a purchase decision is made even before contacting a sales representative.

*MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Benchmark Guide

Digital Transformation...Redefining business models.

Digital Transformation is rapidly changing how B2B businesses operate and grow revenue. It is crucial that proactive companies transform and respond to the challenges of staying current in Digital Marketing, and proactively architecting/implementing a plan for 2019, and beyond. B2B buyers want ease and convenience when researching, comparing, and ultimately buying products/services. And they want results, fast.

Digital transformation is not only redefining how B2B businesses connect with their customers, it’s redefining business models, the way they deliver on-going value, and how they generate recurring revenue. Today’s proactive B2B marketers need to make use of targeted content marketing to attract, engage and educate buyers along the path to a “conversion” and purchase.


In today’s constantly-evolving technology world, B2B organizations are required to implement a proactive, comprehensive digital transformation strategy. By embracing Digital Marketing; manufacturers, distributors, and other B2B companies improve the customer experience, retain customers, and acquire new ones. They also remain relevant and are able to compete against more advanced and funded companies, by being equally responsive to their customers’ evolving needs.

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